Shu Jiang's Concept of dining in an underwater environment, savouring masterchef prepared dishes, while enjoying enchanting views of virtually created underwater life, has lead to the birth of two of our prestigious restaurants located in both Resorts World Sentosa and IMM Building.

Shu Jiang Grilled Fish gladly spoils our diners with a wide array of choices, all specially designed and prepared for people who knows how to appreciate the subtle difference in taste.

Not forgetting to mention our featured dish, Shu Jiang's Grilled Fish, are cooked in our specially made ovens to the right doneness and then overlaid in the sauce which you have chosen. Pick from a range of fish types, coupled with a selection of sauce flavours from hot and spicy to sweet and fragrant sauces, there's definitely one combination that will satisfy any food lovers out there.

Head on down today to either of our branches and enjoy exotic dining in an immersive underwater environment!

蜀江烤鱼餐厅设计来至于海底用餐体验的构思,主要是给我们客户在享受美味菜肴的同时可以欣赏我们所创造的迷人海底虚拟世界。 由此创意,我们先后开启了两家以此构思为出发点的餐厅,分别坐落于圣淘沙的环球影城附近及IMM购物中心内。